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Terms and Conditions - QFD Solutions

Terms and conditions QFD Solutions

( ... )  LIABILITY LIMIT: QFD SOLUTIONS SAS / QFD SOLUTIONS LLC shall in no case be responsible before the USER OF THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY QFD SOLUTIONS SAS / QFD SOLUTIONS LLC, nor before any third party claims against the USER OF THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY QFD SOLUTIONS SAS / QFD SOLUTIONS LLC for any loss of profits, even if QFD had been notified about the possibility of such damages. No action resulting from this service can be filed by any of the parties two years after the factual grounds for the action occurred. 

PRIVACY POLICY: QFD SOLUTIONS SAS / QFD SOLUTIONS LLC shall undertake to keep confidential all information that has the character of confidential and not to disclose it without the prior consent of the USER OF THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY QFD SOLUTIONS SAS / QFD SOLUTIONS LLC taking into account that such information may be provided to those employees, agents or subcontractors of QFD SOLUTIONS SAS who need to be aware of such information in order to render the contracted services. contracted.

DATA PROTECTION: Both QFD SOLUTIONS SAS / QFD SOLUTIONS LLC  and THE USER OF THE SERVICES PROVIDED BY QFD SOLUTIONS SAS / QFD SOLUTIONS LLC hereinafter referred to as the parties, hereby express that they know and understand the Database Treatment Policy of the other Contracting Party, which are part of this agreement, and understand that their data will be incorporated in a database, of which the other party will be responsible, which is necessary for the fulfilment of the obligations herein described. Each of the parties, specifically authorizes the other party and its related agencies to retain and process, both electronically and manually, the information collected by virtue of the execution of this agreement and authorizes it to be used by the other party in accordance with its Privacy Policy and Data Processing Policy, as well as to transfer it to third parties, including related or affiliated companies, and administrative and judicial authorities, with due respect to all the effects the laws and rules on the matter, and ensuring the correct treatment of the data. Each party expressly authorizes the other Party to transfer, store and process such information in any country where it or its related companies are present. Within the data treatment herein authorized, the parties will comply with the legal provisions in force in the Republic of Colombia, among others but not limited to law 1581 of 2012 and in the Decree 1377 of 2013. Therefore, the parties shall take the technical and administrative measures necessary to ensure the proper exercise of the "habeas data" right, as well as for the security of the data in its possession, preventing its alteration, loss, treatment, access, or unauthorized reproduction. In any case, the parties hereto are obligated to hold harmless the other Party, at any time, in the face of any claim, punishment, violation and other events that may arise as a result of the failure to comply with its obligations related to the proper treatment of personal data, arising from the execution of this agreement. ( ... ) Keep in mind that when you register on our servers, or start a remote support connection with us, you agree and accept all of the terms and conditions of the technical support service provided by QFD Solutions SAS in its version 141014

Exchange, returns and guarantees policies 

QFD SATISFACTION GUARANTEED What is satisfaction guaranteed? The Satisfaction Guaranteed is an exclusive benefit granted by QFD to our customers. This benefit is to proceed to exchange the product when the buyer​ is not satisfied with it. It does not replace, it does not exclude or modify the quality assurance of the manufacturer. What are the conditions for claiming the Satisfaction guaranteed benefit? 1. The client must present at the time of the claim the purchase invoice. 2. The product must be new, unopened, unused, with all its original packaging, parts, accessories, manuals and complete labels attached to it. 3. Cellular or software cannot be exchanged. 4. There is no refund of money, a credit note is issued and it can be used to buy other products with QFD. 5. For that the customer to file a Satisfaction Guaranteed claim, it is necessary to return the documentation and the product according to the item 1 within 5 calendar days following the billing date. 6. In the case of products that require assembly, either by the customer or by a technician appointed by the trade mark, the satisfaction guaranteed benefit will not be effective if the product was already been assembled. It can only be effective if the product has not been unpacked and is kept in its original packaging. In the event of a failure during the term of the Satisfaction Guaranteed Benefit which requires the removal of the product from the customer's domicile for its evaluation and/or repair, the cost will be assumed by the customer in the event that the failure is to be blamed upon QFD. 7. The customer must pay the value of the freight to return the product 8. When a product is returned due to malfunction during the term of the Satisfaction Guaranteed Benefit, there will be an evaluation by an authorized service technician by QFD, who will confirm the causes for malfunction of the product. If it is not attributable to a misuse by customer, we will be able to make the exchanger or return within the term to make effective the Satisfaction Guaranteed Benefit. The product must be submitted with its full original packaging, manuals and accessories. How to apply for Satisfaction Guaranteed Benefit? To apply for the Satisfaction Guaranteed Benefit the customer must send an email to support@qfd.com.co attaching a copy of the purchase invoice. Subsequently the product must be sent to the address that the service agent indicates in the ticket.
MANUFACTURER'S LEGAL WARRANTY- General Aspects: 1. The requirements for the customer to make effective the warranty shall be those established by the manufacturer or importer in the body of the product, sticker, instructions manual, or similar packaging. 2. After the expiry of legal warranty, the customer must assume the payment of any revision, fault finding, repair and/or spare required by the product. Manufacturers and/or suppliers have specialized workshops. 3. We will proceed to exchange a product provided that if within the guarantee period, the spare required for its correct operation is not available. 4. If the product is in a different location from the place of purchase, the customer must bear the costs of transport for warranty purposes. 5. Concerning Cell Phones under a calling plan, these are sold by licensed operators and therefore claims must be submitted at customer service with operators. 6. QFD shall be jointly responsible for the legal warranty, if and only if the manufacturer is not responding to the legal warranty under Colombian law. 7. All this is based on compliance with the Law 1480 of October 12, 2011 and the other provisions of Colombian and USA law.

Emails statement of confidentiality

The information in all @qfdsolutions.com @qfdsolutions.us @qfdsolutions.co @qfdholding.co @qfd.solutions e-mail domain and any files associated with those messages are for the sole use of the intended recipient and may contain privileged or confidential information subject to copyright or constitutes a trade secret protected by law. Any unauthorized use, disclosure, copying or distribution of this message and any associated files is strictly prohibited. If you believe that you have received any e-mail from those domains in error, please contact the sender immediately and delete the e-mail and any files associated with this message. No guarantee is given that any email communication we send is virus-free prior to leaving our computer system; we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage it may cause to a recipient's computer system.